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December 02, 2017

Fraud & Identity Week in Review: First Orion, Pindrop, TransNexus & More

Security is front of mind for firms of all shapes and sizes. As innovation steers industry through this current phase of digital transformation, try as we may fraud and security issues continue to mount. The cat and mouse game is afoot, and with the weekend upon us, there’s no better time than the present to take a look back at the week that was in Fraud & Identity News: Time for the Week in Review.

This week Pindrop announced that Amazon Web Services certified its authentication and fraud detection solutions for use with Amazon Connect. Amazon Connect users can integrate the solution with a few clicks, and once deployed will be able to ensure incoming calls are legitimate. Complete coverage is HERE.

This week, TransNexus announced the addition of Secure Telephone Identity authentication and verification to its fraud control and call routing portfolio. Developed following standards conceived by the Secure Telephone Identity Revisited (STIR) working group of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and paired with the Signature-based Handling of Asserted Information using tokens (SHAKEN) framework created by the ATIS/SIP Forum IP-NNI Task Force, the newly unveiled features offer the ability to verify, digitally sign and authenticate the number placing the call.  All the details are HERE.

“Digital safety is a lightning rod issue impacting every brand that does business online. Companies everywhere are rushing to invest in building safe environments to protect their customers and their brands from digital fraud,” commented Ken Tuchman, chairman and chief executive officer of TeleTech. Tuchmans makes this statement after reports confirm TeleTech Holdings Inc. is acquiring digital trust and safety company Motif. The full report is HERE.

A recent study from First Orion released this week illustrated that with nearly 2.5 billion phone calls made every month there is much in the way of low hanging fruit for fraudsters. Per the 1,000 mobile phone users surveyed, fraudsters are leveraging new spoofing methods and getting more aggressive in their efforts. Just like sharks, they smell blood in the water. Everything you need to know is HERE.

Stop by early and often for your fill of Fraud & Identity News! See you next week!

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