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November 13, 2017

VIPRE Looking to Combat Cybersecurity with Mobile Approach

The cybersecurity industry is seeing incredible advances as threat detection and prevention vendors seek to keep pace with evolving attack methods.  Among the latest is VIPRE’s, reactive user interface, which allows technology resolution specialists and IT leads to efficiently distinguish and remove malware. VIPRE Security conducted a study of 500 IT professionals to better understand the complex and vast challenges associated with cybersecurity.

The study found that most managers do not believe that they are well-equipped to deal with sophisticated attacks. Even more so, they feel mobile capabilities for threat assessment and resolution is lacking, which can be damaging to businesses when breach response is delayed.  VIPRE Endpoint Security Cloud was designed with the mobile user in mind – specifically for smartphones and mobile devices and provides an easy to navigate interface for astute real-time decision-making.

VIPRE Chief Product Officer Usman Choudhary opted for a weather metaphor to describe Cloud’s mobile efficiency when in the midst of disaster: “When you’re in the middle of a storm, you can’t spend time searching for shelter,” says Choudhary. “If you’re on the road and you get a call about a potential breach to your CFO’s laptop, you need to respond, immediately. VIPRE Cloud allows you to do exactly that, without losing valuable time searching and scrolling.”

VIPRE uses a layered security approach to guarantee accurate and thorough coverage against a bevy of endpoint threats.  While other threat detection solutions simply send an alert to mobile devices, VIPRE aims to go further by enabling IT and security teams to press on the alert, examine the threat in detail, skillfully analyze said threat, and take immediate action, all via their mobile devices.

With the massive volume of digital activity today, both business and personal – Experian once found that the average user has 26 different online accounts – reaction time becomes critical to business continuity. The business mobility trend only increases the risk if networks and devices aren’t properly managed, with an amalgamation of cybersecurity issues likely to continue to pop up. 

For instance, recently, Netflix users were the victims of phishing where they received emails, asking for identity confirmation. But, by opening the fraudulent emails, users fell prey to cyber attacks. VIPRE’s mobile capabilities will make it easier to manage any security incidents, regardless of where security and IT staff may be.

What cybersecurity solution do you have in place? 

Edited by Erik Linask

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