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October 12, 2017

SIP Analytics Answers Call for Fraud Detection

I’d be minimizing the matter if I said that Telecom fraud is an issue. This epidemic is affecting firms far and wide, so it is mission critical to some sort of fraud detection in place. Fraud is not something to fool around with.

Recently, TransNexus announced the arrival of ClearIP, its cloud-based platform to empower real-time SIP Analytics fraud control and robocall blocking in addition to number portability services at the time of initial release. In deploying SIP Analytics, service providers and enterprises can promise the protection of subscribers and networks alike from robocalls and toll fraud.

SIP Analytics compares each call during call setup with calling patterns to catch fraud signatures like robocalls, wangiri, call hijacking theft of service, slow traffic pumping, fast traffic pumping. If detected, the customer’s Session Border Controller (SBC) or softswitch blocks the call.

Aside from detection, customers can create caller blacklists and whitelists, and in deploying SIP Analytics users get a subscription to the TransNexus ShieldSM database of high risk called and calling numbers.  

“SIP Analytics® fraud control provided by our cloud-based ClearIP® platform is a great solution for tier three service providers and enterprises. They benefit from the fastest fraud detection possible at a very low cost made possible by the economies of scale of a cloud based solution. Most importantly, integration with ClearIP is fast and easy. Customers can begin protecting their network from fraud within sixty minutes after contacting TransNexus. Removing the cost and effort of running additional local servers for fraud control is a major savings for our customers,” says Jim Dalton of TransNexus.

TransNexus proves time and time again exactly how ahead of the curve it is. While fraud detection is quite the cat and mouse game, its innovative and unique approach to protecting customers is separating TransNexus from the pack.

What fraud detection do you have in place?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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