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October 04, 2017

Pindrop Launches Latest Anti-Fraud Solution

Recently, Pindrop announced the launch of its latest anti-fraud solution for call centers, Pindrop Protect 4.0. It is a multi-factor anti-fraud solution, meaning verification is double-checked to ensure that the user is who they say they are. The solution to determine the risk of fraud within each call received through an evaluation process, including, voice, audio, and metadata.

Protect 4.0 also includes the patented Phoneprinting algorithm that can analyze a call in approximately 30 seconds, per reports.  In that short time, it is able to identify malicious behavior. Phoneprinting is at the epicenter of Pindrop’s Call Center Anti-Fraud solutions. Shared company blacklists, the world’s largest audio database of fraudulent calls and artificial intelligence (AI) make the solutions function with high efficiency and accuracy.

Mobile phones are a primary source of how many make payments. If fraudulent activity is detected, it can determine not only the phone carrier but the caller’s exact geographic locale, increasing chances of catching the scammer on the spot. At the very least, the location of the information can be retrieved with the necessary security measures taken before any true damage is caused.

“We examine the unique characteristics that are in the phone calls that come into call centers. We derive in our product tiny breaks in the audio that indicate VoIP packet lost, along with noise profiles that uniquely identify callers and their device. We have utilized our technology to analyze over 400 million calls and our Ph.D. research staff, with this version of Protect, have found a method to deliver about 10 times the clarity and insight into these calls. This is the ‘4K’ equivalent of our Phoneprinting technology,” says Matt Garland, Pindrop’s VP of Research.

Call center fraud has been on the rise, more than 200 percent over the last few years. Fraudulent activity accounted for a loss of around $14 billion, in 2016 alone but early detection and the ability to spot a repeat offender should help lower the numbers dramatically. With mobile devices now on the tracking radar, scammers have even less of a chance to put businesses and clients in a compromising position.

So, what tracker is your call center using?

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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