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September 11, 2017

iconectiv CTO to Talk IoT Standards at Mobile World Congress Americas

Industry events serve as a nice barometer of what’s new and exciting in a space. They also can provide a podium for matters not receiving appropriate attention. For instance, when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT), projections for the burgeoning arena are through the roof but there is yet to be interoperability and connectivity standards in place. This year, GSMA’s inaugural Mobile World Congress Americas will spotlight this topic and more.

Mobile World Congress Americas plans to address the issue of IoT connectivity and security standards with a presentation from iconectiv CTO Chris Drake on Tuesday September 12 where Drake will implore service providers, network operators, system integrators as well as device and application vendors to work together to take the IoT from potential to prosperous.

“This is a crucial stage for IoT implementations, when the foundation for long lasting IoT infrastructure and interoperability will be set. The decisions we make today will define the way the world connects and communicates for generations ahead,” said Drake.

SmartAmerica projects municipalities to invest more than $40 trillion over the next 20 years, which puts the industry at an interesting intersection. As, with no standards in place, questions, not answers arise. Especially considered the amount of money about to be thrown at infrastructure and implementation these T’s desperately require crossing.

Tiptoeing around the standards issue will result in not one, but many ecosystems of products and services stemming from the IoT. As a thought leader in the space, iconectiv is responsible for billions of connections as we stand today, and with deep expertise in device and application authentication protocols the firm is in a unique position to speak on the matter.

Tomorrow morning at 9am, Drake will delve into the world of developers and offer insight into creating collaborative applications and devices where interoperability and trust can be managed at scale.

The possibilities the IoT present are beyond exciting, but there are still many blanks to fill in before the potential comes to fruition. Drake offers unparalleled insight at this highly anticipated event.

Are you ready for what the IoT has to offer?

Edited by Mandi Nowitz

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