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September 05, 2017

CTS Telecom Using Equinox for Fraud Management

Last week, it was announced that CTS Telecom had enlisted the help of Equinox Information Systems to help in the management of fraud, something businesses are facing on a daily basis. Equinox will supply CTS with Protector fraud management solutions (FMS). This is said to not only be the most reliable but also the most economical way to fight back against telecom calls. There are hundreds of millions calls daily that are recorded, it is hard to keep up, let alone ensure safety and accuracy.

CTS been in business for over 100 years, having supplied voice, Internet, and fiber optic high-speed data services, provided throughout all of Southwest Michigan. FMS is being employed to monitor metaswitch traffic while the business assurance aspect goes to Equinox. David Baker, Director of IT Services at CTS Telecom, had this to say: “CTS has a long-standing tradition of providing the best customer service around. Protecting our customers and network from losses due to toll fraud is just another way we continue this mission. We selected Equinox as the result of an industry-wide search for a reliable, cost-effective FMS. Having dealt with the Equinox team, it’s clear they value excellent customer service as much as we do!”

Customer service and safety of the business, which encompasses the customers wholeheartedly, is key for CTS Telecom so they are doing whatever they can to ensure they have employed the best. FMS has incredible real-time capabilities to alert when immediate fraud is happening, an asset for any company. The millions of dollars that these implemented programs have helped to save from being lost to scammers is invaluable. “Protector’s proven ability to detect and stop network attacks reduces financial loss and risk exposure. As an added benefit, telecom providers who deploy Protector also experience positive gains in customer satisfaction and employee productivity,” shared David West, EVP of Equinox.

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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