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August 15, 2017

New Solution Protects Mobile Data from Fraud

There are a lot of great things to be said about how connected our world has become. We now have endless information available at our fingertips thanks to the Internet and mobile devices. Due to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, we don’t even need to go to work every day in order to do our jobs; everything we need to know—data, contact numbers, statistics, etc.—is easily accessible. Not only that, but personal data such as bank accounts and credit cards can be accessed on our mobile devices as well. Even houses and cars can be unlocked on phones these days. Gone are the days of carrying keys or having to go to work or the bank every day.

While all of this connectivity is convenient for us as users, it also presents a major security risk. There’s something to be said about physically going into a bank to withdraw your money—fraudsters can’t get it that way. With so much personal and business data living on our phones these days, they’ve become gold mines for hackers. At this point, convenience is strongly outweighing security for a lot of people, and it’s becoming incredibly dangerous.

That’s why a new campaign launched on Indiegogo, called POMM, is looking to solve this problem. POMM is a hardware and software based solution that enables users to control their data and decide what remains for their eyes only. According to the announcement, it will:

  • Discreetly manage and store personal & business info
  • Provide free apps for private browsing, secure contacts, media & much more
  • Offer patented technology, dual-channel biometric access to data anywhere regardless of Internet availability
  • Provide 2-devices in 1-case: download & use any app without affecting encrypted data stored on POMM.
  • Include an integrated backup battery that increases mobile phone power by over 50 percent

According to Gila Fish, Founder & Chairperson, she created POMM because "The digital era is exciting but comes with the price of losing privacy and data security. Our revolutionary product is a must-have to any digital user." 

David Freidenberg, CEO, added to this point, saying, "Most people say 'but what can we do about it? I am totally dependent on my smartphone and can't stop using it – both for private and business uses'. I'm always glad to tell them there is a solution! I believe this solution is going to change the entire market."

Edited by Maurice Nagle

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