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August 12, 2017

Fraud & Identity Today Week in Review: SecuredTouch, InAuth, AimBrain & More

Welcome to the week in review, where we take a look at all the top stories making headlines in the mobile fraud space this week.

The week started off with some surprising news from a FICO report that looked at U.S. citizens’ biggest fears. While a fear of terrorist attacks and the fear of losing a loved one were at the top of the list, neither grabbed the top spot. Fraudulent activity actually claimed the No. 1 position, and I can’t help but be surprised that that outweighed terrorism. Find out why most people responded this way HERE.

Since so many people are worried about fraudulent activity, it makes sense that there are always new and improved solutions coming out to help companies and individuals combat fraud. Most recently, SecuredTouch released its new HUMANOBOT solution, which is fine-tuned to continuously discover non-human device activity, automatically detecting fraud. Find out how HUMANOBOT works HERE.

Meanwhile, InAuth and AimBrain teamed up this week to offer better authentication solutions.  Going forward, InAuth, a provider of digital device intelligence solutions for a mobile-first world, and AimBrain, a biometric identity technology provider, will collaborate to enable banks and financial institutions, digital wallet providers, payment service providers (PSPs) and other organizations to deliver up to six factors of authentication for their customers’ mobile transactions. All the details are HERE.

Finally, the week rounded out with a cautionary tale that highlights the need for identity checks. A man in Australia recently had his identity stolen, and the fraudster used his information to open up a Telstra account online. Some of the information the fraudster input was blatantly wrong, yet the company never caught on. Now, the victim is stuck with a hefty bill and a lot of questions as to why identity checks are not in place at Telstra. The full story is HERE.

That’s all for this week. Come back next week to read all the latest fraud-related news.

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